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About the Author


Hello, and thanks for stopping by! At, I'm on a mission to teach women how to look after themselves on the road via The Art of Smart Travel. I first lived as an expat starting in the 3rd grade, and I've been traveling ever since. To date, I’ve logged over 1.3 million air miles–and who knows how many road miles–visiting all parts of the globe...and I just checked off my 7th continent with a trip to Antarctica! In addition to being a travel junkie, I am also a scientist. I’ve spent over twenty-five years tromping through research sites, hunched over test tubes, and glued to data entry systems. In short, I’ve been a professional information collector. And if all that weren’t enough…I’m also a preparedness geek. Communications systems on the fritz? I’ve got my ham radio license. Someone fall down a cliff and break a leg? I’m a certified Wilderness Aid Responder. SCUBA Stress & Rescue diver, Citizens Emergency Response Team member—whether in the water or on dry land, I’m ready to lend a hand in an emergency situation. And now I want to give back in a broader way. I want to be a data disseminator—a teacher. I want to meld my travel experience with my preparedness knowledge and help women travel safely and intelligently. I'm excited to have you as a member of the #artofsmarttravel tribe. I look forward to helping you level-up your travel IQ!